Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Indian beauty icon Maharani Gayatri Devi..

  MY LOVE FOR MAHARANI GAYATRI DEVI :*                                                                                                      
       TALK ABOUT INDIAN FASHION AND BEAUTY AND THE NAME THAT FIRST COMES  TO MY MIND IS THAT OF MAHARANI GAYATRI DEVI OF JAIPUR RAJASTHAN.....                                                                                    
        HOW CAN I FORGET MY TRIP TO JAIPUR LAST YEAR AND IT WAS SPECIAL FOR ONE MORE REASON ...I WAS GOING TO VISIT THE PLACE THAT WAS RELATED TO MY PERSONAL FAVORITE STYLE ICON MAHARANI GAYATRI DEVI...she was third wife of then maharaja of jaipur" Maharja Man Singh" a renowned polo player. Here are some her pics i would love to SHARE with you all.....                                                     


                                She is not just known for her beauty, grace, elegance, royalty , her chiffon sarees or her collection of gems but also for her carefree nature . She was the one who did not accept to live in purdah as other royal ladies of rajasthan did at that period of time .She went out and reached locals .She supervised the kitchen of her palace , checked palace accounts , went to play badminton and tennis in palace grounds and watched polo. ...rode alongside his maharaja ,an unacceptable thing for the royal ladies at that time in jaipur, wore slacks , drove car ...other than her custom made chiffon sarees from paris  or her bobbed hair, She started maharani gayatri devi school in jaipur
 for girls .She stood out to be a woman of substance. In her political carrier she had won elections by 175000 votes over the runner up for which her name has been recorded in Guinness Book of World Records "THE LARGEST MAJORITY WON BY ANY CANDIDATE RUNNING FOR ANY ELECTION IN ANY DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. ( Source : A PRINCESS REMEMBERS )