Monday, 31 March 2014


Hiya everyone !!
                This month i bought some beauty and bath products and in this post i would be sharing these goodies with you . Their review is still pending on the blog as I at least use my products for a month except lipsticks and then put their review on the blog :) Out of these some of the products would be up on the blog soon with a full detailed review  :)

The product that i am loving the most these days is this Pulse perfume from Zara . I am not much a fan of strong perfumes or deodorants . In summers too i hardly use any deodorant as i think people who use deodorants more are more prone to body odour in the long run . The thing i rely upon to let not my body smell of sweat is to keep it hydrated as much as i could  . But this pulse perfume from Zara is what i think is best suited for my needs . Does not smells too strong and have a nice subtle fruity fragrance and just applying it on my pulse points is enough to keep me feeling fresh and mesmerized . Staying power is not too long but as it is travel friendly you can easily carry it in your handbag and get that extra helping whenever the need arise. It cost me rs. 395 .

Next product is this chocolate and mint shower gel from Original Source . Who can resist chocolates and if i cant eat them regularly ( weight issues :( ) at least I can  have them in my shower everyday now . It's chocolaty and minty fragrance just smell yummy .  Bought it for rs. 299 and after finishing this bottle i am going to try its other variants too .. I am eyeing on their Lemon and Tea tree and Vanilla milk Raspberry shower gel now  :)

My third favorite this month is cocoa butter beautifying oil from THE BODY SHOP . It has really shown amazing results on my skin  . If you have read my earlier posts i am not much a fan of chemical based products for my skin and recently instead of using moisturizers loaded with chemical on my face i have switched to using beauty oils  . Was sceptical before to use any kind of oil on my face as my skin is a bit on the oilier side but still they have not caused any acne or zits on my skin . My skin is feeling really nurtured and have improved a lot  and this oil from TBS  is a solution for your every beauty problem . It can be used on face , hair and body all three , but till now i have used it only on my face and i am quite happy with the results . It costs you rs.895  for a 100  ml pack .

Another favorite this month is my Aloe Vera Juice from Forest Essentials . Solution to every skin problem either its acne , pimples , redness , itchiness or dryness . I use it my shower sometimes when i am not in the mood of applying body lotion and its also a substitute for my night cream the days when i am really lazy :p  . Non sticky and non oily it really keeps my skin hydrated and nourished from within and does not contain any artificial fragrance .This 100 ml bottle cost me rs.475 :)


So , these were my most favorite products this month . And some of these are gonna stay in my beauty basket for a longer period i am sure :) Would love to know your favorite beauty products this month and how they worked on your skin in the comments section :) Hope you like this post and the products too :) 


Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Life is not always the way you want it to be but going through its twists and turns and finding your own path is really what matters  !! and who said it would be easy enough :)

if i just open up pages of my life i always ended up doing things that i really never want to do :)) i always wanted to study science and become a doctor but ended up being a graduate in commerce .

 always craved for hostel life but when i was there it was one of my worst nightmares and could not survive there for more than a month ;p

and when i was giving interviews for my MBA admissions after preparing for it for almost an year i ended up getting married . :))

Underutilized energies are always dangerous  !! And i have experienced it myself ... So, better use them before they destroy you and don't let anyone to dull your sparkle :)

And here goes my mantra for life "LIFE IS NOT ABOUT WAITING FOR THE STORM TO PASS                                                          ITS ABOUT LEARNING TO DANCE IN THE RAIN ;) "

And here are some pics that i got clicked while having all those thoughts On my mind !!


PANTS : CHEMISTRY ( also worn Here )

would love to have your comments and suggestions regarding the post :))

Till then be happy and stay strong :)

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Hello everyone !!
                            To ask  Do you love shopping is an irrelevant question !!    isn't it ?  We all love shopping Of course :)   excluding Boyfriends or Husbands coz its always intense on their time and their pocket both  :p but we girls love each and everything related to term Shopping !! At least I can shop till i drop ;)

 If i am not going out for shopping at least i am doing it online .. This is by far the most fun thing that i love to do and  its like a ritual nowadays ;)

Virtual shopping can never replace real store shopping experience . The things that could be touched and felt are much more reliable . But for people living in small cities online shopping is a bliss !! You can browse through the brands that are not available to you even at 1000 miles and still you can shop them just sitting at home .

Being a shopaholic I have learnt some DO'S and DON'TS while going out shopping to make it a lot more easier and fun  .

So, Next time you go shopping these little things could help you in having a fuss free experience  !!

  • Never wear buckled or lace shoes while you have to shop for bottom wears .It would be confusing and irritating to remove and tie them every time during trials .
  • Always wear a dark colored inner inside so its not a problem when you wanna try sheer tops or dresses . Spaghetti or Camisoles are not always available at some stores .
  • Avoid carrying large handbags !! Sling bags are a wiser option as these are easy to carry . plus you can keep your hands free to grab those goodies screaming to you !! "come get me my love ;) i am all yours "
  • Try not to wear accessories that are likely to get stuck into your clothes and rip them . And nobody likes to pay for such hopeless goods ...
  • Avoid wearing skin tight jeans or trousers as they will take much time to get removed and worn again during trials and some times in trial rooms they don't even have any sitting option like stools or chairs available to let you wear them back comfortably .
  • Always keep change with you as you always need it at every counter . You wont like to give away a thousand rupee note for just paying something below 100 and when there is bargaining allowed its must to have it with you !!
  • Avoid wearing bright creamy or gloss based lip colors while going out shopping as they can leave stains on the clothes that you are wearing or the one's you are trying on yourself to buy  . I always prefer wearing matte shades when i am shopping for clothes .
  • Wearing flats like ballerinas or kohlapuris are best option as these are very comfortable and you can spend hours shopping without getting exhausted .
  • Avoid pinning up your hair while shopping as you will ruin your best done hairstyle during your trial sessions !! Loose hair are the best option as they are easy to manage :)

So , I hope this post helps you in enhancing your comfort level when you go shopping next time :) 
Following are the looks that may just be appropriate for a shopping day out !! Have a look :))


And here is what i wore for a shopping day out !!


Tuesday, 18 March 2014


 2014 is emerging as a promising year in terms of fashion . This year its all about comfort and street style . Street style does not essentially mean the casual  look here but being all dressed up to impress and still comfortable in your own skin . Comfy Pallazos , Maxi skirts , Crop tops are all here to stay in 2014 and these could be your desk to dinner options if you wear them cleverly .

No more sweating in those taut jeans and if you are not fond of wearing them you can just ignore them this year as there is a lot more to flaunt in 2014 . Wide legged trousers are a comeback too . I am loving each and every bit of fashion 2014 . Its more about personal style and comfort than just unbending seasonal trends . Keeping some trends in mind you can decide your look for this season as per your own personal style :)

  • Prints are the latest fashion hullabaloo this year . Be it Tribal , Aztecs or Floral all are gonna stay in news this year . 
  • For a more dressed up look you can try Bandh gala trend with slim pants which will make you look much classy and elegant . 
  • Tribal is everywhere this season whether its jewelry , clothes , prints , accessories , or shoes !! But be sure to not to overdo it ;)
  • Instead of tight Capri Pants this season opt for comfortable Culottes (divided skirts) to beat the heat ..
  • Nude is in !! ;) Nude Shoes , Nude Bags , Nude Dresses , Nude makeup all are seasons latest trend .
  •  Tops , Dresses , Blouses , Gowns , Skirts in Sheer fabric are no more a thing of past .Try pairing sheer tops or shirts with high waist pants and scarves to save yourself from any fashion faux pas . Darker colors are safe when you wanna play sheer . 
  • High waist pants and maxi skirts with fitted tops or shirts are in this season but if you are on heavier side team them up with a summer blazer or denim jacket to play safe .
  • Chunky heels and Brogues are in this season which are much more wearable and effortless . So, its Happy Feet time this Summer!!  

IF we talk about Makeup this Summer , 2014 is gonna be an experimental year !!  Coming in are all the Dark , Pop and Neon shades for that ultra glam  look . Long winged eyeliner look and neon lipsticks are modish this season and lets check out what other things makeup is going to offer us in Summer 2014 .

  • Orange and  different hues of purple and plum are the hottest shade of lip colors this season . Orange is said to be new RED for the season but do choose the right shade for yourself according to your skin tone .
  •  If you dare not to wear these colors on your lips try and incorporate them in your eye makeup which is a lot more safer option .
  • Metallic eye makeup is in and for Indian skin tone Golden , Blue and Green are the shades which will suit us more .
  • Try Neon eyeliners instead of basic black and brown ones .You can checkout  Maybelline Colorshow range to get one for yourself .
  • Front pulled back straight hair instead of puffs are the latest hair trends this season . 

Other than the above given trends one hottest trend this year that originated back in 2013 and still in news are " SELFIES "  Officially approved by Oxford Dictionary "Selfie " fever has gone viral . Even models were spotted on LFW ramp promoting this trend ;) ... and the further addition or upgradation to this trend are HOLIDAY SELFIES also known as " Braggies " :)

So , this was all that's gonna rock this season !!  and would come up with " Whats not so hot this season " post on the blog soon . Till then Stay Stylish and Keep Smiling :))

I bet Smile on face is never gonna get out of trend !! :)) 

Thursday, 13 March 2014


Hello Guys !!

                     Today on the blog i am going to review wild flower nourishing body lotion by Iraya .   Iraya is a brand that cultivates a wide range of herbs through organic methods in their own herbal farms .They claim to procure all natural ingredients through community based harvesting methods. Every single ingredient is first tested and processed at a modern FDA approved plant . Each herb is also tested for pre-specified essential qualities before beginning the production process.

 I bought this Iraya wild flower nourishing body lotion online from JABONG .I wanted to try something new this time other than Vaseline or regular body lotions for my skin so i bought this from Iraya . Lets check out in detail how pleased i am with this product as so far !!

PRICE AND PACKAGING : Price for 250ml  pack is Rs.395 and from jabong you can buy it at discounted price also if any online scheme is going on :)

 I bought it at flat 32% discount !! happy dance ;)


It comes in a beautiful transparent rectangular plastic bottle with a pump at the top that helps you get the right amount of product from the bottle . Packaging is quite hygienic and convenient but one thing is for sure that its not a travel friendly pack as its quite large and heavy to be carried away while travelling . Other than that this is my most loved packaging so far as almost every other body lotion has a flip cover packaging with a small hole and you have to press the bottle with all your force to get the product out of the bottle . And the mess they sometimes create on your palm due to forced pressure is not unknown .

WHAT IT CLAIMS AND CONTAINS : It claims to enhance regeneration of skin cells and leaves a smooth velvety finish . Ideal for every skin type and with rich , aromatic floral oils and extracts of wild flower , lotus seed , aloe vera and sesame oil , it helps to nurture and protect the skin . Regular use firms and tones the skin and delays signs of ageing.  Allergy test is required before using it as indicated on the bottle !!

Iraya wild flower nourishing body lotion contains lotus seed  , aloe and sesame . And other main ingredients are basil , ketaki , saffron , neem and vegetable glycerine .
MY TAKE ON THE PRODUCT : As the name itself suggest it smells as if you have entered into some garden full of wild flowers .  Little overpowering at first but settles down to a sleek mild sweet smell that is pleasant to your senses . It smells mostly of sesame and jasmine and on very first application it reminds you as if you are experiencing an aromatic spa session . Anyone who does not like or is allergic to jasmine fragrance should avoid it . Fragrance remain there on your body for some time post its application .  I liked the way it smoothens my skin and leaves it soft and supple .

Very pale creamish pink in color the product has thick consistency and is not at all runny . Its absolutely non greasy and very easily gets absorbed in the skin . Any cracks or dryness on your skin is very well treated by this body lotion . I am actually feeling difference in my skin texture especially hands , they look much  hydrated and plump . Leaves you feeling fresh and mesmerized when you apply it after shower on your body . A must have in my bathroom these days :) 


WOULD I REPURCHASE : Yes !! definitely

RATING : 4 \ 5

Sunday, 9 March 2014


Hello friends !!

                    How are you all and how did you celebrate Women's Day this time ?? Don't you think that actually celebrating one single day in an year as Women Day is like giving a candy or chocolate to a kid once a week and ask him to shut his mouth for that whole week .. Is there any Men's Day celebrated !! If i am aware enough I don't think so ! because every day is celebrated by them as Men's Day  , So why just one special day in an year for we Women !! I believe everyday should be celebrated as Women's Day the way we all say that everyday should be celebrated as Valentines day  !! Are not we that special ;))

Here i am talking about Women's Day because this outfit post was shot on that particular day ;) This was an easy breezy outfit that i wore for a shopping day out !! I am happy that finally its time to pack my winter stuff and keep it aside for at least eight months :) bye bye winters ;)


I particularly like everything about summers other than the long power cuts sometimes !! and the only thing i like about winters is my hot steaming cup of tea or coffees :)

I confess i am a shopaholic just like most of the girls out there but my mom is complaining that i am spending a lot in the name of my blog these days  lol ;)  but i explained to her ;)) that although i am spending more than usual but one thing that i am getting better with is that i have totally liberated myself from mine BUY BEFORE TRY kinda habit at least !! Now i try before buying and just dont pick up the stuff that i am not sure about otherwise it was like this before  " Quite appealing to eyes lets buy it !! " :))


These are the pants that i bought online from and i am totally in love with these ... perfect for summers and too comfortable to be worn for a girls day out or shopping  !! and to add some bling to otherwise simple outfit i carried my most loved embellished sling bag :) 

Hope you loved the look and do share your thoughts about it in the comments section below !! :) 


Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Hello my lovely readers !!

                                     How are you all ?? At last winter is averting its way to let spring and summer arrive !! I was so desperately waiting for spring this time as i never had been a person who loves to wear a plethora of clothes and hide under them !! I have seen some people around me who even wear two pairs of socks at one time to keep themselves protected from frigid weather conditions :)) God save them !! But after all it's all about personal choices :) So , no offense !! I am more of cottons and comfortable clothing type of person !! I am basically a pyjama person at home ! Sounds Cliche :)  But YES !! the worst fear i had when i was about to get married was that how would i do with out my pyjamas during day ( as living with your in laws sometimes don't let you wear or live the way you want to ) You have to be well dressed or at least properly dressed all the time , but some how i am used to it now ... My lovely pyjamas are now replaced with my Biba kurtis and pallazos which are equally comfortable . Pyjamas are still there but just for sleeping in them :)

Hey what was the post all about and see what i am discussing with you all :)) .. This means i am very much comfortable with my blog now and with you all that i love to discuss my everyday issues with you and I think  this is what blogging is all about !! Expressing , Sharing & Bonding!! : ) 

Who says that you don't need to apply anything on your skin if its oily or sensitive !! oily skin equally need everyday care  just like other skin types so that it does not misbehaves :) just the trick is to use the right products , and i personally prefer products that have minimum chemicals and are all natural !! So , here i am sharing with you what all i use on my oily and sensitive skin :) you can try them too if you have similar skin type :)

Now lets just go through how i care for my skin during night and what products i use every night to keep it supple and smooth .. You must have heard lots of times that it's necessary to take care of your skin and give it an extra effort and treatment every night before going to bed as this is the time when it  repairs itself from the damage caused during day due to dust , sun and pollution . So, here is how i let it breath and get refreshed every night before going to bed !! :) 

First and foremost step is cleaning my face with Fab India Tea Tree Cleansing Milk ( reviewed HERE on the blog ) . It helps me to get rid of all the deep settled dust or any light makeup that i have used during the day like kajal , tinted moisturizer OR basic daily things like sunscreen etc . I just take some of its on the cotton ball and gently clean my face with it . This first step itself refreshes my skin and makes it feel like breathing .

Next thing i do is just wash my face off with my most favorite chemical free cleanser ( reviewed HERE ) that just allows to wash of all the left residue of tea tree cleanser from my skin and helps to protect my skin from breakouts and acne's !! I am going to stick to this cleanser for life long !! Its a bliss for my sensitive skin :) 

After cleansing what i do is toning my skin with Fabindia Neem Tulsi Skin Toner . I would admit that i avoid toning everyday during winters as toning tends to make skin bit dry and this can further be the cause for acne and zits  . Make sure that the toner you are using for your skin is not alcohol based . (Reviewed it HERE )

Next step is applying my Lakme Youth Infinity cream ( reviewed here ) to ward off  ageing from my skin . Using a right anti ageing formula from your mid twenties is a wise option to regret later not trying it .  I apply it on alternate days as using it everyday invite small pimples on your skin as its a retinyl based formula . on other days i just massage my skin with extra virgin forest essential almond oil (reviewed it here ) and go to bed :)

For eyes i use aroma magic under eye cream as i am noticing little dark circles creeping as a side effect of working on computer for long hours !! Its really working for me :) Have started noticing difference within a week post its application and it costs just Rs.135 for 20 gram .

And the thing that i don't do on everyday basis but once a week is exfoliating and scrubbing my skin !! These are two exfoliating scrubs that i am using these days . One is  CALVIN KLIEN facial scrub and one is LOTUS HERBALS PROFESSIONAL skin brightening exfoliator . Both help to remove dead skin and open my clogged pores and this step is done after cleansing and followed by toning  :) 

Next step is a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep and three to four liters of waters everyday . No cream or lotion can replace or beat these two things !! so have it everyday as it wont charge you anything like other beauty products  !!  ;)


This is what i bought latest !! Would come with its review on the blog after testing every bit of it ;) .. Till then stay happy and young !! :)