Friday, 28 February 2014

Maybelline Pink Alert by Colorsensational Review and Swatch (POW3)


HI everyone !!
                         I am so excited to review this Maybelline pink alert which is their latest lipstick launch under Colorsensational range . I bought it online from . The color i am going to review is POW 3 . They have launched four shades this time under name PINK ALERT and numbered POW1 , POW2 , POW3 and POW4.  As the name already suggests all fall under the pink color category  .

 Everytime Maybelline is offering amazing stuff which is irresistible due to its price and quality and this time too they steal the show . I bought POW 3 as i wanted a pop pink shade which was missing in my vanity . I do have a very neon pink shade that i bought back last year on my Bangkok trip but it settles in fine lines and dries out my lips . Although the color is too tempting and cool but still i needed something that i did not have to work upon and does not turn my lips flaked . So , my search ended here finally :) and now lets check out MAYBELLINE PINK ALERT (POW3) review in detail :

PRICE AND PACKAGING : you will have to pay rs.375 for this lip color but i just paid rs.280 for it as i bought it online under their 25% off scheme . I generally take full advantage of such online deals if i have to buy some shoes or clothes under their discount scheme i pick up the at least one cosmetic product and get it on discounted price which you will never avail in market :) at that time .

Quantity that you get is 3.9gm and expiry period is 36 months .
Packaging is quite similar to the other Colorsensational lipsticks from Maybelline that fall under same price category . Found it same just like Bold Matte by Colorsensational that i reviewed last time on blog (HERE ) Being square structured at bottom it really stands well on your makeup shelf . Packaging is quite convenient and cute . I really liked it :)


  • Amp up your lips in the hottest pink
  • Passionate pink color only from  our vivid color pigments
  • creamier feel only from our nourishing honey nectar.

MY TAKE ON THE PRODUCT : Loved the way it moisturizes your lips and the candy pink color you get effortlessly from just one single swipe . Its definitely a pop candy pink color that will stand out on your lips . Pop colors are very much in these days so you can wear it without thinking twice .

 Be sure to keep the other face makeup subtle . Don't overdo it on your lips otherwise the color will loose its grace . Its a shade that falls in between matte and gloss category . A non bleeding color with right amount of gloss and shine but without any shimmer. It does not dry out lips and comes off easily when you want to remove it at the end of the day.

Quite hydrating , creamy and with a staying power of three to four hours its a color that's must in your vanity if you are a sucker for pink lip shades . It does not have any taste or fragrance which is another plus point of this product .

 When i tried this color for first time yesterday i was not sure that would it  look good as it's kind of too pop and bold neon pink to carry off  . But when husband came back home from office he at once noticed it and complimented for the shade ( and he's too choosy i must say and i was now sure that its not going to look out of box shade for sure :) !!   .
  • Price 
  • Packaging
  • Creamy and hydrating 
  • Stays on well
  • pigmentation is very great
  • smooth application 
  • You will have to wear it cautiously as it wont go with your each and every outfit .  



RATING : 3.5 / 5

WOULD I REPURCHASE : I wont because i have already bought one but would highly recommend it !!

Friday, 21 February 2014



Hiya everyone !!  Today on the blog i am going to review Maybelline Bold Matte ( MAT3) that fall under their Colorsensational range . I bought it recently from an online website . I hardly trust online sites for buying lip colors as you don't get the color that they actually swatch on the website , but sometimes i am a compulsive shopper and this was result of one such online deal . Maybelline is a brand that is every girls favorite these days due to its exceptional prices and superb quality .

Maybelline launched five shades under this category all vivacious and matte in application . Not a specific name is provided just numbers are given to each color from one to five . Same thing they did with their newly launched Maybelline Lip Polishes ... May be they are short of names !! ;)  Anyways but i find numbers much more easy and catchy to remember than remembering the eccentric names sometimes given to different colors from same range .

So, as we are here discussing Maybelline Bold Matte (MAT3) lets check out its detailed review :)

PRICE AND PACKAGING : Maybelline bold MAT3 costs rs.375 for a 3.9g pack . It comes in a red colored lipstick bottle rectangular in shape . Nothing exceptional about its cover other than a regular lipstick  , just its that it's cap covers the lip bottle from starting to its end . Cap is quite tight locking and so there is no fear of getting it opened while carrying it along with you in your handbag.

WHAT IT CLAIMS : It claims to be a hydrating matte with honey nectar and consists of moisturizing agents like rosa canina oil and jojoba oil . Powder matte pigments ensure true vivid shades .

MY TAKE ON THE PRODUCT :   I wont say its a true matte shade that dries out your lips rather its quite creamy and hydrating . Without any fragrance this is a neon orange with yellow undertone . Being a matte color on very first application it appears to be opaque but you can further build up the color .Would be magical if finished with Maybelline Lip polish Color Pop 1. Light on lips this  lip color is transferable while eating or drinking but stays well for at least three to four hours without bleeding . Oranges are good if eaten or applied both ways to everyone :) In simple words this shade goes with every skin tone . Gets off easily when you need to remove it . These are the colors (neon and bolds ) that have a season and if they are in trend they look the hottest and if not they are a major faux pas... so , this is the time to wear them before they get out of fashion !!

  • Price and packaging
  • Hydrating
  • Does not bleed
  • Contains jojoba oil 
  • Odorless 
  • Stays well for three to four hours 
  • Not a proper matte shade 
  • You need to build it up 

WOULD I REPURCHASE : YUP !! Would love to try other shades from this range .

RATING : 3.5 / 5

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


 Hello Folks !!

                  Today on the blog i am  gonna review mine another favorite product from Forest Essentials known for its ayurvedic and chemical free products . I am very much in love with this Cold pressed organic virgin almond oil  . This is a product that has many uses or is solution to many skin problems i would say !! I  have been using it since last month and  totally loving the way it has helped me improve my skin texture  . Oils for skin are still very under rated in the Indian beauty market although our ancient beauty bibles are full of their uses and benefits but still we don't even consider to use them on our face . We have  limited their use just for body massages or hair massage.


People often ask will not using oil on skin make it look more like a fry pan ? :) but my answer is NO !!  I have oily  and sensitive skin and still i am using oil on my skin as moisturizer , makeup remover and for everyday facial massage and it acts as an anti ageing also very well .  I am feeling my skin getting smoother and silkier everyday . And Yes !! it is not at all looking like a fry pan ;)

Using oil on skin is very much beneficial but before using it we must check out that it should be cold pressed (pressed with hand ) , extra virgin and free from any unnatural fragrances or artificial perfumes . In this post i would be just reviewing Forest Essentials cold pressed virgin almond oil and in my next post i would discuss how i use it on my skin in detail . So , now lets check out the product review below :)

PRICE AND PACKAGING : Cold pressed virgin almond oil from Forest Essentials costs rs.1175 for a 200 ml pack  and expiry period is 2 years from the date of manufacturing and 6 months once you open it .

It comes in a beautiful rectangular shaped plastic bottle with a golden colored metal cap at its top . You need to twist open the cap and there's an already given hole underneath that would help you to take out the desired amount of the product . I found the packaging quite fuss free and hygienic .
WHAT IT CLAIMS : It claims to tone , relax and nourish your skin and muscle tissue if massaged on it .  Flushes toxins from body and give luster to the skin . It is enriched with Vitamin A , B1 , B2 , B6 and Vitamin E.  It consists of essential fatty acids and nourishes skin to give it fine and smooth texture . It easily gets absorbed into the skin and is non greasy .
MY TAKE ON THE PRODUCT : I am so in love with this product that my skin care regimen is just incomplete without it . I use it daily both in my morning and night skin care routine . I bought it because i needed something chemical free for my skin . I prefer to stay away from chemicals as much possible and i think everybody should because i believe if they treat one problem another one arises due to their side effect. They come with chemicals and side effects both :) .

 This light yellow colored  cold pressed virgin almond oil from Forest Essentials smells of real almonds and i just massage it into my skin everyday and use few drops of it daily as a face moisturizer . It is non sticky and free of any artificial fragrance and gets absorbed into your skin very quickly .  Its so light on your skin that you wont feel like you have applied anything on it . This cold pressed almond oil from Forest essentials  moisturizes skin very well and has really helped me in fading my pimple spots on my skin .  I have used it daily this winter season and never felt my skin dry . Its non comedogenic( does not clog pores and does not allow pimples to surface on your skin ) and does not attracts dust to your skin  . It must be sounding like an advertisement for this product but yes its true that its such a brilliant skin care product that is ideal for every skin type .

 I recommended this to my cousin recently who has really dry and dull skin texture and now her skin has improved a lot .


  • Cold pressed 
  • Scentless
  • Chemical free
  • Non sticky 
  • Smooths skin texture 
  • Ideal for every skin type 
  • Contains essential fatty acids 
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic 
  • Fuss free packaging



RATING : 5/5

Saturday, 15 February 2014


Hello everyone !!
                          Today i am going to review Camomile gentle eye makeup remover from The Body Shop . I recently bought it as i was searching for a good brand makeup remover for my face .

                         Generally i use my all time favorite Johnson baby oil for removing my makeup . It works brilliantly on skin and removes your toughest makeup with such an ease , But my sister cum fellow blogger Raman messaged me two days back that we should not use it as she read somewhere that mineral oil is not good for skin and Johnson baby oil  largely consists of mineral oil . Use of mineral oil on skin is still controversial so i decided better not to use it and purchased Camomile gentle eye makeup remover from from The Body Shop . You must be wondering that i was in search of a  face makeup remover then why i purchased this Camomile gentle eye makeup remover . When i asked the salesgirl in their store she suggested me this makeup remover from TBS can be can used  for removing eye makeup as well as face makeup both as per your requirement . So , going by her words and trusting the brand name i decided to go for it . Now lets check out is it worth both ways or not in detail below :)
PRICE AND PACKAGING : I bought this Camomile gentle eye makeup remover for rs.695 and the quantity you get at this price is 250 ml . It comes in a white round plastic bottle and you can open it two ways . Either you can twist it open or you can just flip up its lid and get the needed solution from the already given hole in its bottle cap . Would say its not a travel friendly pack as it weighs quite heavy and would take much space in the travel vanity . Shelf life is 30 months from the date of manufacture .


WHAT IT CLAIMS : It confirms to remove makeup from your eye lids and lashes without much effort and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers . Dermatologically and Opthamologically tested .

MY TAKE ON THE PRODUCT : Let us check out first that how it works for removing eye makeup   that is what it is actually meant for .It is a non oily water based eye makeup remover that is not sticky at all . After using it i would say it does not easily removes makeup from your eyes and you need at least four to five rounds of cleaning up and still you will find that traces of your eye makeup are still there on your eyes . I had to use my olive oil after using this cleanser to completely remove makeup from my eyes   As claimed by the brand that it is ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lenses user i don"t agree with it at all . It really tingles in the eyes and makes you uncomfortable to open them even if a little bit of it enters your eyes . I did not liked it's strange smell as well .

Now coming to its use to remove makeup from other parts of the face i am not sure that it would not harm your skin . I used it on my skin but it did not remove any makeup and again i had to use my olive oil formula to remove it and i was hardly wearing any tough makeup . All it was just a bb cream and some powdered compact on my face . So, i don't feel it would be ideal for removing makeup from your face .

If you are searching for a cleanser to remove waterproof eye makeup from your lids i wont suggest you to buy it . Its more of an everyday eye makeup remover though .Overall i would say i was a bit disappointed by my purchase from The Body Shop this time .

  • Good price for 250ml pack
  • Dermatoligically tested 
  • Opthalmologically tested (branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders)
  • Non oily
  • Non sticky
  • Not tested on animals

  • Tingles in your eyes
  • Need to rub hard to get makeup removed properly 
  • Strange smell
  • Not ideal for removing face makeup 
  • Not travel friendly 
WOULD I REPURCHASE : No !! but would sure love trying other products from this brand .

RATING : 2.5 / 5

Sunday, 9 February 2014

My first shopping haul on the blog !!

Hiya everyone !!

                       How are you all doing ? Sunday is almost over and my daily tasks too have  finally come to an end after serving dinner to the family . Now i am all free to spend some " ME TIME " as husband is busy watching Tv with  family and these days" Me Time" could be easily spelled as  "Blogging Time" . I think I had rarely written any post on the blog on Sundays as Sundays are much more busier for me than the week days . Everybody is at home on Sunday and living in a joint family and caring for the needs for each and every single person is a task in itself . But after all its life and its not easy anyways whether you are a working women or having all the pleasure being at home on your husbands income .

        Generally we spend our Sundays being at home and decide a day from the working days itself for some outing as me and husband both hate crowded malls and long queues at the cinema ticket windows on Sundays. A day off for us means a day calmly spent watching movies , eating out , doing some shopping and spending the whole day out with each other . So this time we chose Saturday for the day out as we both wanted to watch the new release " Hansi to Phansi ". Movie was no doubt awesome !!A must watch for sure :) Parineeti is looking damn cute in it and chemistry between both Sid and Pari is worth watching .

     After the movie i did some shopping .This time i was searching for some nice clothes for myself but could not find anything worth buying and this shows that i have somehow managed my temptation for impulsive shopping which was one of my resolutions for 2014 :p . I could not find much in the sales stuff  for myself but ended up buying some good accessories . So have a look at it guys !!


              These two sling bags i picked up from VanHuesen and the offer was buy one get one free :)

Was in search for this bracelet and got it from a random accessory shop in the mall and the tribal neck piece is from Kazo .


                       And some beauty stuff from THE BODY SHOP .

             So this was all i bought yesterday and hope i would get some good clothes for myself next time i go shopping :) . Would be reviewing these products from The Body Shop :) next on the blog :) So keep visiting it ;) ... till then good night and keep smiling girls , it makes you glow and look prettier without any need of cosmetic  ;)

Friday, 7 February 2014

Pigmented lips !! Here's the solution for it !!


Hello girls !!

              This is my first #diy lip care post on the blog . Hope ! you all like it :) You must be aware by now from my earlier posts or product reviews on the blog that i am a great admirer of Organic and Ayurvedic products. I keep searching for such products and remedies as i try to avoid using harsh chemicals based cosmetic products on my skin . My current favorite ayurvedic brand these days for my skin and hair care is Forest Essentials . I must say that their products are just way too awesome !! may be a bit heavy on our pocket but still i think it's wise to spent a good amount on decent quality products then to spend endless amount on plethora of different chemical based products that do more of harm than doing anything much good to our skin . 

           Pigmented lips are a major problem that most women face these days and some of the reasons behind it's cause are :  
  • Using cheap brand lipsticks 
  • Sun exposure 
  • Biting your lips 
  • Not moisturizing them with a good lip balm 
  • Sleeping with your lipstick still on your lips 
  • Not removing your lipstick at the end of the day with a proper makeup remover
  • Excessive intake of caffeine  
       All above are the major causes for lip pigmentation or darkening of our lips . One thing we always forget is that just applying sunscreen on our face is not enough , we need to apply it everyday on our lips too . We must use lip balm everyday from a good brand containing right amount of SPF and apply it before applying any other cosmetic product on our lips . There are a number of these available in Indian market like Baby lips by Maybelline  or MED protection by Nivea that contain SPF  15 or 20 . These days I use my Maybelline Baby Lips everyday . Pigmented lips need to be treated as we cant apply nude or light shade lipsticks on them and sometimes need to wear lipstick all the time to hide discolored lips :(  Tough isn't it ??
     So , here i come with a natural and easy solution for you all . This #DIY remedy for pigmented lips is just awesome and works beautifully to treat them for sure . Below given is the list of ingredients that you will need to make it at home . Generally all these basic products are already there on our beauty shelves :) 
  • Dabur Gulab Jal -40ml ( soothing on lips )
  • Dabur Glycerine  - 25mg ( moisturize lips and avoid getting them dry )
  • Fresh roses from the garden - 2 ( gives natural rosy color to the lips )
  • Forest Essentials Almond oil (Extra Virgin ) -10ml ( helps in lightening of lips )
  • An empty bottle or any small container 
         All we have to do is mix all these ingredients in the empty bottle or container that we have and shake them well .Then keep the container aside for two days and you will notice that the rose petals have shed their  original red color and had become either transparent or white . Now this solution is ready to be applied on  lips at any time of day or night whenever the need arise , but it's must that we do apply it regularly before going to bed to get the desired result . Just dip your cotton swab into the solution and swipe it on your lips and avoid eating or drinking anything for at least half an hour post its application . You will start noticing visible results within a month or so :)

        You can also chose your preferred brands for the particular ingredients but the above given are the best known brands for these products .Other than that one should avoid excessive intake caffeine and try to keep yourself hydrated as much as possible . Try it yourself and share this remedy with your friends also.  Do write in comments section below whether you liked it or not :) and stay tuned for more such #diy ideas on the blog :)  

 Tip of the day :  If you have pigmented lips do apply concealer on them before applying lipstick as it helps to hide the uneven tone of your lips whenever you are opting for a light colored lippie :) 

Saturday, 1 February 2014


                                 How are you all ? Hope you all are doing good ... :) February is the month of love !! and what are your plans for the upcoming valentine day ? :) I have some special plans this year but would share with your once they get finalized as nobody knows what happens at the last moment . Just like i was planning to go for some shopping day out as sales and huge discounts are alluring everyone  but at the last moment i got stuck with this bad cold and fever both . So , all it was me , my medicines and a big blanket ( i hate getting sick these days , it was much more fun in childhood as you were allowed to miss school ;p )

                         There is marriage of my cousin brother in law in the family and in our Punjabi culture marriage ceremonies start almost a week before the final due date and small festivities like Hald Hath ,Mehndi , Banna as we name these small rituals in Punjabi language all are really fun . I myself love dancing a lot and giddha with typical punjabi boliyan is so much fun . At such occassions all the women from family and neighborhood join together and sing marriage related cultural songs . All get dressed in Indian wear and i decided to wear something ethnic for the occasion . As it was not a big event i dressed up pretty simple in this black Aztec and Block printed Kurti with this tribal necklace that you can see in the pictures below :)

This is what i wore for the occasion and today its sangeet ceremony and i have decided to wear a long red kurta with similar colored pallazos that i got stitched for myself for the occasion . Would you like to see a glimpse of it ? :)
This is the tribal neck piece i decided to wear with the Kurti and skipped wearing my round edged ear rings that i previously decided to wear with it as wearing both together would have ruined the look . 

Its not anarkali style but still got some flare to it so showing it off ;)

I personally don't love wearing bangles much but these are my favorite assorted ones that i love to wear with such outfits !! 

 Punjabi juttis !! Every single punjabi girl love wearing them they are just so comfortable and chic . I prefer wearing these without any work or embroidery always !! 

My complete look for the occasion !!

And here's the glimpse of something traditional that i am gonna wear tonight for Sangeet tonight . Have a look and do comment if you like my pictures above !! No need to say again :)  Your comments and suggestions make my day !!

             Kurti - RAGE
             Stretched Pants - Chemistry
             Neckpiece - Accessorize
             Statement ring - Toniq
             Bangles - Assorted