Tuesday, 18 March 2014


 2014 is emerging as a promising year in terms of fashion . This year its all about comfort and street style . Street style does not essentially mean the casual  look here but being all dressed up to impress and still comfortable in your own skin . Comfy Pallazos , Maxi skirts , Crop tops are all here to stay in 2014 and these could be your desk to dinner options if you wear them cleverly .

No more sweating in those taut jeans and if you are not fond of wearing them you can just ignore them this year as there is a lot more to flaunt in 2014 . Wide legged trousers are a comeback too . I am loving each and every bit of fashion 2014 . Its more about personal style and comfort than just unbending seasonal trends . Keeping some trends in mind you can decide your look for this season as per your own personal style :)

  • Prints are the latest fashion hullabaloo this year . Be it Tribal , Aztecs or Floral all are gonna stay in news this year . 
  • For a more dressed up look you can try Bandh gala trend with slim pants which will make you look much classy and elegant . 
  • Tribal is everywhere this season whether its jewelry , clothes , prints , accessories , or shoes !! But be sure to not to overdo it ;)
  • Instead of tight Capri Pants this season opt for comfortable Culottes (divided skirts) to beat the heat ..
  • Nude is in !! ;) Nude Shoes , Nude Bags , Nude Dresses , Nude makeup all are seasons latest trend .
  •  Tops , Dresses , Blouses , Gowns , Skirts in Sheer fabric are no more a thing of past .Try pairing sheer tops or shirts with high waist pants and scarves to save yourself from any fashion faux pas . Darker colors are safe when you wanna play sheer . 
  • High waist pants and maxi skirts with fitted tops or shirts are in this season but if you are on heavier side team them up with a summer blazer or denim jacket to play safe .
  • Chunky heels and Brogues are in this season which are much more wearable and effortless . So, its Happy Feet time this Summer!!  

IF we talk about Makeup this Summer , 2014 is gonna be an experimental year !!  Coming in are all the Dark , Pop and Neon shades for that ultra glam  look . Long winged eyeliner look and neon lipsticks are modish this season and lets check out what other things makeup is going to offer us in Summer 2014 .

  • Orange and  different hues of purple and plum are the hottest shade of lip colors this season . Orange is said to be new RED for the season but do choose the right shade for yourself according to your skin tone .
  •  If you dare not to wear these colors on your lips try and incorporate them in your eye makeup which is a lot more safer option .
  • Metallic eye makeup is in and for Indian skin tone Golden , Blue and Green are the shades which will suit us more .
  • Try Neon eyeliners instead of basic black and brown ones .You can checkout  Maybelline Colorshow range to get one for yourself .
  • Front pulled back straight hair instead of puffs are the latest hair trends this season . 

Other than the above given trends one hottest trend this year that originated back in 2013 and still in news are " SELFIES "  Officially approved by Oxford Dictionary "Selfie " fever has gone viral . Even models were spotted on LFW ramp promoting this trend ;) ... and the further addition or upgradation to this trend are HOLIDAY SELFIES also known as " Braggies " :)

So , this was all that's gonna rock this season !!  and would come up with " Whats not so hot this season " post on the blog soon . Till then Stay Stylish and Keep Smiling :))

I bet Smile on face is never gonna get out of trend !! :)) 

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