Thursday, 21 November 2013

fabindia haldi chandan mud pack review....NAINAZWAY

Helyo everybody ,

                          Fabindia is a brand name famous for its indo ethnic clothes , their home furnishings , pots and ceramics, furniture and skin care range too. As my skin is oily and sensitive i am always on a hunt for such skin care products that are mild , natural and chemical free . Recently i visited fabindia store believing their skin care range would be organic and chemical free ( i do'nt know why i thought so, may be because i always get my organic india green tea from their store )...I picked up some face packs and cleansers for my oily skin , was in a hurry (As we all know how shopping with husbands is :p  just grab what you like but just cant waste their precious time in checking or judging the product..:) So i just grabbed the basic things i needed for my skin.

                      As my last post was about the clay white face pack that i did not liked much. So, to maintain the link between my last and current post i am reviewing the face pack i am loving these days .Its fabindia haldi chandan mud pack.

                    fabindia haldi chandan mud pack comes in beautiful tub packaging with an extra vacuum cover lid below the main lid ( i love such packaging's and you can ask worth of these empty tub packaging's from your grand ma easy to open this mask smell of multani mitti and chandan both... Price for this 100ml pack is rs.225 and has a shelf life of three years.

                 You can check out all the ingredients it contain in the below pic ....

             And as you can see its not at all chemical free as i thought it would be lets check out what this product claims .:) claims to clear your skin and enhance your complexion if frequently used over a period of time. Contains turmeric extract and sandalwood fragrance and has used multani mitti as a base ingredient... I just applied it after washing my face with Luke warm water. It dried off quickly and was easily rinsed off using tap water . It really soothes your skin and makes it feel fresh . This product is definitely a no no for dry skin can make your skin even more dry . Even i applied my moisturiser after rinsing it off....

            what i loved about this product:
          1. Nicely packed
          2.Good for oily skin
          3.Firms up your skin
          4.Quick dry
          5.Gets rinsed off easily
          6.Skin feels fresh and soothed
          7.dries off your acne or pimples

         what i did not like about this product:
          1.Contains "paraben" a harmful chemical (used to increase shelf life of the product)
          2.Slight smell of chemicals while applying
          3.Not for dry skin types
                Other than that i liked it . Would i repurchase it ? No ....:) Would again hunt for a chemical free mask ...hope i get it soon and review it for you...

                                                                                              love -  naina