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Healthy food habits that make you fit....NAINAZWAY


   Lets discuss food eating habits that will help you remain fit without fuss..... 

               "I AM ON DIET " OR "ARE YOU ON DIET ?"        You must have heard such lines many a times from a friends mouth or from your own ... Can anyone please explain me what is this "on diet " thing means . Does this means eating healthy for a definite period of time or rarely eating anything to loose weight . Does both these things justify a healthy lifestyle forever ? For that definite period its ok but  what after that ? again eating junk and putting on weight that also double of what you have lost when you were on diet ... it happens to all of us who want to remain fit and loose that extra flab ..yes me also ..even i did the same things ,no exception!! ...But today for me on diet means a balanced food eating strategy that you can follow your whole life without depriving yourself of your favorite food items .. and tell me who has so much money to keep buying different sizes at different times for your new body size or you can say your fluctuating body size.....
                      Be smart !! and let food not upset you or make your life stressful ...NO FOOD IS FATTENING ...yes that's true ..." BUT HOW WE EAT IT " decides everything... so here are some tips that i follow to keep myself fit and hope they help you too ...

  •   MY FIRST MEAL : My first meal of the day is the most important meal for me . In morning when i wake up my sugar and energy levels are low as i had not eaten anything from last 10 to 12 hrs. so the first thing that i do when I wake up is have a glass of water and after that have some real food to give my body instant energy . No its not tea { it was but not now } ,its any seasonal fruit like a mango , an apple , banana , pear or kiwi any fruit that you like , and if i do not have any of it in my fruit basket on any day i go for my amla murabba {home made , i will share the recipe soon}. Within half an hour of waking up i eat my fruit as a healthy and timely start will provide my body with optimum nUtrition and starving in the morning will always make you over eat in later hours of the day .. a healthy meal kicks your metabolism and you will get right hunger signals at right time the whole day....  Do follow up with a healthy breakfast like idli , poha , upma , parantha( non FRIED)after one hour of your fruit and i bet half of your fitness battle is won..Pls pls pls do not skip your breakfast.
  • MEAL DISTRIBUTION : I plan six to seven meals in a day that helps me avoid eating  junk as i am always full and contend . Most of us keep starving till noon time and after that we do our what we call it "brunch" . breakfast and lunch together ,you see that saves one meal and calories and see i am smart enough to save my time and calories both . But do you know that starving for long period of time leads you to over eating when you finally decide to sit and eat. My six to seven small meal plan help me digest my food properly and keeps my metabolic rate high . 
  • FOOD IS GOD ,RESPECT IT : Think life without food ! NO LIFE  ...Most essential element of our life is often neglected or abused. Respect your food and give it time as it gives us all the energy to work and earn those million bucks. A food deprived mind and body is never capable to think accurate or act wisely. Whenever i sit to eat i switch off my tv and mobile is kept on silent mode , i sit cross legged so that all the blood flows down to my stomach to help optimum digestion.Chew your food do not swallow it ...Must have heard DRINK YOUR FOOD AND EAT YOUR WATER..switch off all your tv, mobiles, laptops so that you can avoid over eating in negligence.
  • A GLASS OF WATER BEFORE EVERY MEAL: we always hear not to drink water immediately after finishing our food but have you heard that a glass of water before your meal improves digestion and controls your portion ..
  • BIG UTENSILS MEAN BIG TUMMY :The more is the diameter of your thali and bowl the more is the diameter of your waistline. I always opt for small size dishes and bowls as they do not allow you to serve more than you need . Number of chapatis does not matter but size of chapati is what matters.
  • ITS DINNER TIME : A late night dinner is the main culprit for an unbalanced weight and figure.I have my dinner at least two to three hours prior to my sleeping time. Eating my dinner early at 7 pm. has helped me to reduce my belly fat a lot. Never skip your dinner but do have it early. An heavy dinner late at night leaves food undigested in our stomach and it gets converted into fat . My dinner comprises of two small chapatis + vegetable+ curd + salad . AN EARLY DINNER IS THE FULL BATTLE WON , HALF WAS ALREADY WON WITH AN EARLY WAKE UP MEAL AND A HEALTHY BREAKFAST...  
Hope this post helps you to achieve a healthy lifestyle my next post about fitness i will tell you 
how i eat my favourite choco pastries and gulab jamun guilt free .......GOOD LUCK TILL THEN   

                                                                                                                           WID LOVE 

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