Monday, 6 January 2014

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic hand cream review ......


HELLO !! SO , HOW ARE WINTERS TREATING YOU !! Here in punjab winters are really dry and freezing .. You need a plethora of creams and lotions to fight with it . In winters my hands and lips are the main sufferers ... I bought this blossom kochhar's Aroma Magic hand cream to keep my hand soft and wrinkle free ... I had been using it since last week it and really didn't disappoint me at all ... So , here i am going to review this lovely product from aroma magic ...

PRICE AND PACKAGING  : I bought this product for rs. 135 and its a 60gm pack . I chose to try it first so bought the smallest packaging ... This cream comes in a tube packaging with a twist open cap and lid at the top ... So you can open it two ways . You can see the reference pic below for more details ... it is a travel friendly pack , you can carry it anywhere you want to .

SHELF LIFE : 2 Years from the date of manufacturing ...
WHAT IT CLAIMS AND CONTAIN : It claims to treat your daily work , cold and atmospheric agent damaged hands . The essential oils present in it purify and smoothen your rough chapped skin during winters . Contains vitamin E  B5 & cocoa butter to restore skin balance while moisturizing and fighting skin ageing . 
 It contains extracts of rose, orange , aloe vera , wheat germ ,cocoa butter, neroli , almond oil and pure essential oils of carrotseed and jasmine ...

TEXTURE AND SMELL : It is very light pinkish in color and the texture is quite smooth and creamy ... not runny and get absorbed easily into your skin .. its not watery the thing i really liked about it as water based formulas don't get easily absorbed into hands . It has little rose type of fragrance which is really not my type . I don't like rosy fragrances much ( personal choice ) 

MY TAKE ON THE PRODUCT : I apply it almost twice a day  or whenever the need arise ... I just wash my hands when done with all my jobs and apply a little amount of it on my hands and gently massage it to let it get absorbed into them ... It has taken place in my everyday skin care regimen both at day and night . It really softens your hands and helps your skin to let not darken during winters . The formula is non greasy and non sticky . All the ingredients that it contain are natural and chemical free and the product is not tested on animals . I am sticking to  non chemical products these days ...try to avoid them as much as possible . So , this is a product for me as it is chemical free and contains everything natural and my favorite skin care component aloe vera too :)
hands post application of aroma magic cream

  • Price is pocket friendly
  • packaging is travel friendly
  • For every skin type 
  • All natural ingredients
  • Not tested on animals 
  • Softens your skin 
  • Anti ageing
  • Contains vitamin E and B5

  • Smell is not that pleasant 
  • Product availability ( not available at every city store but easily available online )
You can buy it here online :


RATING : 4 / 5