Saturday, 11 January 2014

A coffee date along with a women inspiration story on the blog !!

Hello !!
             How are you all !! and here again i come with my new outfit post which was done at such a short notice that you wont believe .. it just took me 10 minutes to get ready ( after all we are women !! how can we take such less time :p ) . My dear husband was at home and as we all know how harsh these winters are here in punjab , to bring down the chill he craved for coffee and asked me to join ... i never refuse such deals :p !! ( no girl would do !!) he asked me to get ready in just five minutes and here i was ready just in ten minutes ( as i had to change my nail paint :p so it took five minutes extra :p ) ...

Went  shopping a day before with a friend as she need to do some cloth shopping and there i found this shrug that you would see in the pics below and bought it instantly ( although i paid double the price for it which i came to know later as the same piece of cloth was available online just at 50% off :( .... anyways !! here i am sharing some pics that i got clicked before going for coffee with mr. husband ....

 Oh !! and other than that how can i forget about my idea of sharing an inspirational women story with you all that i promised you in my earlier post ... So , as i love reading books and novels too much whenever i get time , these days i was busy reading " diary of a young girl " by Anne Frank ...

 She was a thirteen year school girl who was Jewish and was bound to live her two years of life in hiding from Nazis during world war second ... and its so inspiring how beautifully such little girl has expressed all the feelings and happenings around her during those two years and her unending love for writing , her mixed feelings about her sister , her first love , her relation with her mom and dad all these things are just amazing to read ... and it was her passion for writing that made her so famous after she died ... this book was published after her death .... So , just listen to your heart and follow your dreams ladies they are worth everything in this world ... do what your heart craves to do and you will achieve what you deserve one day definitely !! be honest to your dreams and aspirations !! don't kill them , in the other way round you are actually killing yourself !! I have given enough gyaan ( knowledge) i think :p .. I purchased this book online for just rs. 125. you have other costly options also available for the same book (because of paper quality etc. ) but i purchased it at the minimal price as i believe in drinking my books and not eating their covers :) ... you can purchase it here ...

 Now lets go through my pictures for the coffee date :


a red sling bag appropriate for such occasion as you dont need to carry much !!

added a bit of bling to it to make it look classy !!

pose of the day !! :)

beige colored heels that almost go with every color you wear (a must have in your shoe closet )

sorry for the background in my pics !! construction work is going on at my place , everything is in mess !!
(and still too shy to hold a pose in public for the camera , would overcome with this thing also asap : )

shrug : you can buy it here
      pants : shop nineteen
shoes : marie claire
sling bag and belt : lifestyle at ludhiana
jewellery : fab india store  from patiala

would be coming soon with more on fashion and makeup .. till then have a good day !!