Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Hello everyone !!

                  How are you all ? Today on the blog i am going to review my favorite cleanser by Forest Essentials  .... I have sensitive skin that is easily prone to pimples and acne if i use any chemical based formula on it , so i always search and prefer chemical free products for my skin and this time my search ended at Forest Essentials store . I am in love with this brand . They recently opened their store in ludhiana and i went to buy some pure virgin almond oil from them but along with it i bought some hair care and skin care products too . I am just so impressed the way their staff deal and helps you and not compelling at all to sell their each and every product to you . They guide you as per your body and skin needs and the way they  pack their products is just awesome and you should visit their store definitely for once if its  in your city and have that experience yourself guys !! FOREST ESSENTIAL IS KNOWN FOR ITS AYURVEDIC PRODUCTS THAT ARE NOT MADE IN INDUSTRIAL AREAS , ARE NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS AND 100% CHEMICAL FREE .

          One product that i bought from their skin care range is their Delicate Facial Cleanser with Kashmiri Saffron and Neem . From last fifteen days i was just facing these acute acne and zits on my left cheek that were getting worse day by day . Although i have a good clear skin but i was on some medications for whole last month in December and i think these occurred as a side effect of them for sure !! The acne i got this time  were so bad that i was about to make an appointment with some dermatologist to get them checked but here this cleanser came to my rescue :) So, lets check out its review in detail below :

Price and Packaging  : I preferred to buy their travel pack first as to check whether it would suit my skin or not . Its a 50 ml pack for rs. 250 and ans you will have to pay rs.975 for a 200 ml pack . Would sound bit pricey for sure but the quality you get justifies the price of the product .It comes in a plastic bottle packaging with a golden metal cap on it . Packaging is quite convenient to use and only a little desired amount comes out when you press the bottle . This small packaging would be enough for one month usage if we use it twice a day .
SHELF LIFE  : Shelf life is one year from the date of manufacturing and 6 months from the date of opening.                                    

WHAT IT CONTAINS AND CLAIMS  : It contains all organic and natural ingredients given below :
  • Steamed distilled rose water ( we all know how good is it for skin )
  • Steamed distilled marigold water (anti inflammatory and anti microbial effect on skin )
  • Steamed distilled jasmine water ( for natural fragrance )
  • Steamed distilled kewada water ( acts as a good toner and cleanses oil and dirt from skin )
  • Neem infusion 
  • Organic honey 
  • Nagkesar ( useful in each and every skin disorder !! you name it !! )
  • Anantmool ( again useful in skin diseases like pigmentation and acne ) 
  • Pure saffron extract 
  • Kumud ( improves skin tone and its texture )
  • Phenoxyethanol (paraben free ) 
It claims to cleanse your skin removing dirt and exfoliates dead skin making it clean and fresh . Its 100% paraben free and does not contain any mineral oil , petroleum by products , SLS , Sulphate .

MY TAKE ON THE PROCUCT  : I use it twice everyday and a pea size amount is enough for everyday cleansing but if you are using it after removing your heavy party makeup at night you will need double the amount to get the desired clean effect .It is light yellow colored cleanser that does not lather much and has very nice gentle saffron and jasmine fragrance that i really fell in love with . This product showed instant healing effect on my pimples bad acne . They almost dried within two days of using it and the other effect i noticed on my skin is shrunken pores . It does not dries out your skin post wash at all and your skin don't fell stretched and craving for moisture as it feels almost after using every other basic cleanser in winters. It has a soothing effect on the skin and i have noticed that my skin is getting better day by day . It is suitable for all skin types and just the right product for people having sensitive skin. After using this product i almost daily skip my toning step in my skin care regimen at night as i am getting all the benefits of a toner from this cleanser itself .


  • Travel friendly packaging 
  • Chemical free
  • Natural ingredients 
  • Good for every skin type 
  • Does not leaves your skin dry post wash 
  • Paraben free 
  • Product is not tested on animals 
  • Heals acne and zits very well
  • Oils in it are cold pressed by hand 
  • Price ( for such quality it is rightly justified )

WOULD I REPURCHASE : Definitely !! I am just glued to it ;P

RATING :  5 / 5 

I highly recommend this product to give it a try for at least once !! And do let me know whether you liked it or not :) !! Soon i will be reviewing its virgin almond oil that is working wonderfully on my skin !! Till then stay tuned and do share your valuable comments and suggestions on the blog !! They make my day :)