Monday, 3 November 2014


Although its practice could be traced back to 150 years but the term Selfie came into recognition in 2012 and finally in 2013 it was announced as the word of the year by the Oxford English dictionary. Many more such terms were further discovered and are everyday being discovered like Braggies (for holiday selfies ) etc etc.


So , what is this selfie thing all about ?? All of you must be already knowing but still let me give a brief introduction to the term . A person clicking his or her own picture is known as selfie .

Technology comes with all its good and bads. Its good to share some light moments with your friends until unless it becomes  headache for you . Selfie has lead to problems like , Self obsession , Self consciousness , Low self esteem , Depression etc . A persons charm , personality or likeliness among his people is quite often judged by the likes he or she gets . Is this criteria really choking you out ??

  • Don't make selfie a parameter to judge your day been good or bad by counting the likes or comments on your picture . 
  • Keep this thing in mind that you don't need people to validate whether you look good or bad .
  • Less likes doesn't mean that you are any less desirable to the world , family or your friends . 
  • Don't take your friends comments in a bad way until unless there is somethimg serious you need to stop . Understand something known as homour if you are posting on a social platform .
  • Avoid posting negative comments on the pics that you don't like yourself . Your comment is not compulsory everywhere . Give respect Get respect :)
  • Remember on social platforms people most of the time share their good moments so don't think that they don't have any problems in their life but you are suffering it all . In fact everyone's going through their own struggle .
  • and if someone's becoming headache for you their always a button called BLOCK . Just block it guys !!
And in the end there's nothing bad about posting a Selfie as it uplifts your mood instantly on a gloomy day when you are feeling low with some good compliments and fun comments from friends and family on your picture . So , keep sharing your fun moments on social media but don't let it become a Self Obsession .

Hope you liked my effort and would keep coming back with more such fun and inspirational posts . Till then keep smiling and stay stylish :)