Thursday, 19 February 2015



OOh la la !! this is what life sounds like these days . Finally i could say that i am in love with the way my life is turning around . February month started on a really good note .Got my blog adsense approved , getting my room reinvented and traveled all alone from Bangalore to Chandigarh for the first time . I know you must be thinking whats big deal in that but i must admit that these days I am making my every little achievement or happening in life count and a reason to celebrate . One thing that i learned from life is Stop Complaining . The day when we stop complaining about the little little things in life the whole world itself becomes ours . When we ourselves can't be perfect whether its our behavior with others , attitude with life , our habits , eating habits , our body , our daily routines then how can we expect life to be always perfect . I particularly feel life being perfect is somewhat boring . Little twist and turns in life makes it more fun and interesting . After a long dark night we value the morning sunshine and after a hot sunny day we feel the worth of cooling stars in the sky during night . So , don't expect life to be perfect but just embrace what it brings with open arms , if you don't like it , try to change it , fight for it and if you love whats happening celebrate it !! In the end every good or bad experience makes you grow wise . Isn't it :)

Now talking about the outfit this is the skirt that i truly adore because of its classic style and comfort . I guess every girl feels a very special bond with pleated skirts from the school days itself . I remember how i used to press my box pleated skirt every morning before going to school so that every single pleat should be neatly defined and tidy . I am glad that these midi box pleated skirts are back in trend again . I chose to buy it in a solid material that makes its pleats really manageable and it doesn't loose its creases whichever way you sit . Instead of pairing it with a single solid color top i paired it with a printed top this time . Although the top and skirt both are from different brands , bought at different times but still their prints compliment each other so well . Finished the whole look with a Black crepe blazer and some cute heels . Not to mention the cute little pouch that i bought from forever21 recently .

Hope you guys loved the way I styled this look and do share with me how would you have styled a similar skirt . Would love to hear from you :) till then keep stalking Nainazway  ;)

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