Thursday, 7 November 2013

ELLE 18 color pop lipsticks NAINAZWAY

   color pop lipstick buys from elle 18 ... i am loving it :*                                                                                                                                        Rosy blush ,  Majestic maroon and  Crimson red                                                                                                              
         A week back i went to a cosmetic store to buy my stuff and found color pops there .. i just purchased one from the range thinking  it costs just 100 bucks ,so was not sure about the quality..but i must say it did 'nt disappoint me.What really impressed me was the way it is packed .Packaging is really fun and girly . The first color i purchased was color no 27 rosy blush . I loved  the way it moisturised my lips and the color it gave was above my expectations ..Its not at all flaky and adds a right amount of creamy and soft texture to your lips. whichever color you apply it stands out. Its not a long stay one but wont go anywhere for at least 2 to 3 hrs. Contains cocoa butter and has got a glossy texture to it .Its not just a tint but a full developed rosy color ...

                                                                                                                         I loved my first purchase therefore i bought two more shades yesterday , color no.44 and color no.46 . Both are dark toned colors. No.44 is a crimson red  and no.46 is majestic maroon but as the name suggests it has not got maroon tone to it , its more like wine shade which i am really loving ... nice texture, nice price and nice cover .Each color has its own speciality. I think this is the best cosmetic product one can get for rs.100.. good job ELLE 18.      
               GOOD ABOUT ELLE 18 COLOR POPS:
                1.GREAT PRICE
                2.LOVELY PACKING
                3.SMELLS GOOD
                4.NOT HARD TO APPLY   
                5.FULLY DEVELOPED COLOR
                6.EASILY AVAILABLE     

                1.ADDICTIVE ;P                                                                                                                                        Would recommend rosy blush for office going and college going girls and the darker tones are for everyone ..... and one more thing its not a tiny winy type but comes in a full 4.3 ml bottle..


so girls go and grab your favorite colors.....

love ;)     NAINA...