Monday, 25 November 2013




               HI ! EVERYONE :)
                                     How are you  guys... Today iam gonna review this youth infinity skin firming night creme from lakme...purchased it a fortnight ago and was waiting for the results to show up on my face so that i can review it for you all.. I was searching for a night creme by nuetrogena (i love nuetrogena products ,suits my oily and sensitive skin very much :* ) but was not available and among other options given by the sales girl i chose lakme youth infinity as she said it is going good in the market . purchased it but was not very sure that will it suit my skin type or not now i am going to share my experience with this creme with you all .....:)


                                  lets check out what lakme youth infinity claims :) Claims to bright and tight skin tone. Brightens skin tone if used regularly .. helps improve elasticity to tighten skin , helps to repair your skin while you you sleep  giving you younger looking skin .Also gives you freedom from dullness, shows spectacular results and makes your skin stay young...  It also claims itself to be non comedogenic (that does not produce acne or pimple on your face ) and tested by dermatologist.


                                Price and packaging : Price is rs.699 for a 50gm. pack. Its a tub packaging and comes in a beautiful silver colored glass bottle that is easy to open but little unhygenic i feel . A white colored creme that is smooth in texture and is niether too hard nor too runny . Fragrance is pleasant to the senses.



                             My take on lakme youth infinity : I am applying it on daily basis from past 15 days and quite happy with the result . I apply it post face wash and after toning my skin . Just put it in dots all over  face and neck the way we apply our foundation make up base and gently massage it into my skin in upward gentle strokes. It apears like as if a white film has been emerged on your skin as the formula takes time to get absorbed initially , but it just takes five minutes and the creme completely gets absobed . I am blessed with a good skin genetically but from some time i am noticing these fine lines on my fore head which any one would hardly notice but they make me really go mad .. Happy with the results the lines are firming up now and a pinkish glow and shine has emerged on my face again... but yes one or two pimples also have surfaced on my skin :( but i think its because this is the first time i am using a retinyl formula based creme . Retinyl do make your skin sensitive when you start using it but skin care specialists recommend that do not get disheartened and quit using it . They will be gone after your skin will get used to the new formula ..This creme doesnot make my skin look oily when i wake up in the morning and is light on the skin. You will start noticing any changes atleast 10 days post its application (with me it was so may be a bit early or late depending on individual skin )


                           Good about lakme youth infinity :
                         1.Nice packaging
                         2.Smells good
                         3.Light on the skin
                         4.Non sticky and non oily
                         5.Firms your skin texture
                         6.Makes your skin glow
                         7.Dermatologist tested

                         Not so good about youth infinity :
                         1.Not for mature skin (it will need a stronger anti ageing formula )
                         2.Does not fulfill its promise as non comedogenic formula
                         3.Bit pricy
                         4.No as such spectacular results as claimed
                         5.Not for super sensitive skin

            All in all its a good creme but wont show you any miraculous results if you have deep lines or wrinkles . Good for beginners in the field of anti ageing products.

                       Will i purchase it again ? : If it further improves my skin tone i will go for it....

                         RATING - 4/5


                                                                                                                 LOVE : NAINA :)