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Review for fabindia tea tree cleansing milk and neem tulsi skin toner :

  Hello lovely ladies!! :)
                                 How are you all !  :)  Hope you all are doing good and  lets see what i am going to review for you today !! As i said in my earlier post on a Fabindia product that i picked whatever i needed from the store while shopping with MR. MITTAL 8) . Amongst all my purchases that day from Fabindia my favorite are Fabindia tea tree cleansing milk and neem tulsi skin toner...

Lets have a look at these products :

Price and Packaging : Tea tree cleansing milk is rs.180 for 200 ml pack 
                                             Neem tulsi skin toner is rs.150 for 200 ml pack
Both have shelf life of three years and are packed in beautiful plastic flip cap bottles. Pretty hygienic i must say !! Packaging is really nice but bottles are too heavy to carry inside your travelling kit or bag


What they contain and claim :

Fabindia tea tree cleansing milk : I am very much happy with my this purchase as it is paraben free and hardly contains any chemical. Main ingredients are sesame oil, tea tree essential oil and grape-seed oil . It claims to cleanse and moisturize your skin with the help of tea tree and grape-seed oil.( patch test recommended before use )


Fabindia neem tulsi skin toner :  This toner claims to be alcohol free that contains anti septic and anti bacterial properties. It deep cleanses your skin from impurities and dirt and is specifically ideal for oily skin . Main ingredients are neem leaves extract, reetha extract, rose water, aloe vera extract, glycerine, tulsi oil .(patch test recommended again with this )


My take on both these products :

FABINDIA tea tree cleansing milk : This product has a typical tea tree smell which is neither good nor that bad .It smells as of bark of a tree. It is tolerable enough and from the smell itself we can take the clue that it is much of a natural product .It is milky white in color and texture is as if of a vaseline lotion ... neither too smooth nor runny ... i use it often as winters have arrived and soap based cleansers dry out your skin (still i use them once in two days ) even if it is oily. So , i just apply it over a cotton ball and gently swipe it on my face , leave it for a minute again swipe it using a cotton ball and then rinse it off and then perform my other skin care rituals like toning etc. I even found it good to remove off  everyday makeup but not that good for waterproof eye makeup. It does not cause any breakout but you have to wash it off in the end . It is very gentle on skin and skin feels fresh and nurtured after using it . It is non sticky and makes you feel cool when you apply it ..soothes your skin. I am quite happy with it.


my two long stay lipsticks ...........

cleanser on cotton swab..........

after first swipe .............

after second swipe almost cleared.............

FABINDIA neem tulsi skin toner : Again i am in love with this product too. It smells of a neem soap bar ..fragrance is pleasant but what i did not like about this product is it contains chemicals like imid urea : ( .... The toner that i was using before this was also good but its smell was too strong that i have to close my eyes whenever i applied it .The thing i loved about this toner is that it is alcohol free ( always purchase alcohol free toners ) . It refreshes your face and has really helped in minimizing my skin pores on face . it is water based gentle toner .


good things about tea tree cleanser

  • Nice packaging 
  • texture is good 
  • smell is tolerable
  • paraben free
  • natural ingredients
  • light on skin
  • make skin soft and supple                                        
  • an alternative to soap based cleansers
  • makeup remover
  • price is good 

not so good things about tea tree cleanser :

  • not for waterproof makeup
  • not travel friendly
  • smell could have been better
  • availability in retail

good things about neem tulsi toner :

  • nice packaging
  • smells good
  • alcohol free
  • price is good
  • minimizes pores
  • not too strong as other astringents

not so good things about neem tulsi toner :

  • contains chemicals like imid urea
  • may be not for over sensitive skin
  • availability in retail 
Would not recommend these two for sensitive skin type and toner for dry skin types as it can make skin more dry ......

Hope this post was helpful to you , please leave comments if you like my encourages to write more researched and good.....