Tuesday, 17 December 2013



                 Wanna get that celebrity like red bold lips !! if yes , then this is the color for you . bold matte and a shade that will bring that instant diva look to your face . 

       Bought this lipcolor from colorbar via myntra.com        

Price : I got this lipcolor for rs. 250 which is very reasonable i feel for such a formula.

Packaging : Packed in a transparent bottle which has metal body inside and the  transparent cap is made up of plastic . Beneath the bottle color name and number is provided . Packaging is i would say just ok type . Not very good neither too bad . One thing that i liked about the packaging is that from the transparent bottle the color of lipstick is visible very clearly so , you will not be opening each and every cap to find that particular color that you want to wear on that p[articular day if you have other colors also from this range too . 

Shelf life : 3 years 

Color : Bold matte typical statement red color . 

My take on this lipcolor : I was in search for this proper matte red lipstick and i think i have got one after buying hot hot hot lipcolor from Colorbar . The color is super pigmented and stays well for at least six to seven hours . Its a long stay lipstick . The formula is hydrating enough and not ultra matte that will dry out your lips . Just one swipe or stroke application is enough for getting proper pigmented lips .i applied this lipcolor after applying a little powdered compact on my lips as i was scared that the color will bleed as other red lipcolors often do . Have not applied any gloss to it . I would say that it will definitely enhance your complexion and adds an instant spark to your face. it has not got that waxy lipstick type smell to it . My only complain with this lipcolor is that it really leave prominent stains on your glasses and spoons and you would have to use your makeup remover to remove it completely off your lips .  i would also suggest to not to overdo or highlight other zones of your face while using this lipcolor as it will ruin your look and make you look gaudy. .

Good things : 
  • price 
  • pigmentation 
  • texture
  • long stay 
  • hydrating
Not so good things :
  • leave stains 
  • you need proper makeup remover to remove it completely
rating : 4.5/5 
would i repurchase : definitely !! :)

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