Thursday, 19 December 2013

Every women is special !!

HELLO Gals !!
                             How are you all ? How are your days going ??...mine are crazy enough :)  finally got something to work upon after rolling chapattis in kitchen from last couple of years ... :p  though mr. husband is really happy with what i was doing before (cooking yummy food for my mr. foodie :) i got the way into his heart through this medium and skill too :p ) i must say in case of food he wants it up-to the  perfection else he would say " dont make it "... and now hes happy that i am getting out of the kitchen and doing what i am really enjoying doing ... it is not that i did not enjoy cooking , cooking is my passion too .

                          Came back home after spending my holidays at mothers house and now was surprised who would click my fashion posts for me as husband is always busy in his business work !! but see i found my partner in crime again :) and let me introduce her to you !! shes my maid and see never underestimate any women ... Every women is special !! She did the job without any fuss !! i love you auntie for being there always ..:) so here are the pics that we got clicked . and do comment if you like them ... :)

Cool and comfy clothing for everyday look ... don't make staying at home boring anymore ladies ..go get up and get dressed ... do what your heart craves to do at-least for an hour of the day ... spend it on just yourself girls ... you are special and so are your dreams ..!! :)
shirt : vero moda
pants : wills lifestyle 
shoes :lifestyle ludhiana 
watch : gift from a friend 
shades: opium 
lipcolor : elle 18

love : nainazway