Thursday, 5 December 2013

My first fashion post :)

Hello girls !!

                 How are you all ... finally winters have arrived and i am enjoying my holidays at momys house :)...from last twenty days or so i am just writing my reviews on the makeup products that i am loving or not loving these days ... wrote 2 - 3 posts on fitness but now i am feeling as if the work i am doing is becoming a bit monotonous, there must be something fun and exciting tO share with you all , something personal !! what say ? 
                Was little nervous before as it is so easy to work behind the scenes but finally decided to unveil and do what my blog was lacking ( personal fashion posts )

                So here i come with my first fashion post . Hope you will all accept my work and effort with open arms :)

               My mom became my partner in crime this time :P you momy!! you made my job so easy . She clicked all these lovely pics for me . (solution to every child's problem is her mother ) hugs hugs hugs!! and thanks to my lovely sister raman and my brother shivam for encouraging me to do this post . love you both !! ( you are my backbone :) love u buddies !!  


 Shirt - Vero Moda   
Shoes -  done by none  
Pants and neck piece - Pieces at Vero Moda
Bangles - Globus
Handbag - gift from Mr.Mittal;)                     

                                                LOVE : SUNAINA MITTAL