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Five myths regarding food when you are on diet :

Hiya friends !!
                  Happy 2014 !! So , what are your new year resolutions this time ?? .. For girls fitness is always on their mind  and when we talk about fitness the first thing that come to our mind is going on a diet plan , following some exercise routine , avoiding eating out often . But, to be honest i don't believe in staring my friends faces at all when they are enjoying their pizza or a chocolate cake pudding . So, cutting it short today we will discuss five general myths about dieting which makes it boring and further making our life boring ... and ultimately what we do ? WE QUIT !! This happens most of the time with most of us ...So , lets see how can we not gain those extra pounds while on diet and still eat our favourite food...!!


ON DIET MEANS A STRICT NO TO FRIED STUFF : Yes, when we go on diet we simply avoid fried food . isn't it ? Doesn't every-time eating boiled or steamed food make food and life both boring . I don't say that its must to eat fried food for a happy life but avoiding it completely is even not necessary . You can have your favorite fried food once a fortnight but the thing we should keep in mind is that make it  is made fresh at home using a good oil (the oil that is fresh and not used before for frying ) . Another thing we should keep in mind is that we should have our fried stuff either in our breakfast or in our lunch time and not at dinner and portion control is must . Eat it hot and fresh is another thing we should always consider while eating fried food .


 EATING DESSERTS WHILE ON DIET IS A SIN  : For people having sweet tooth diet means to die!! ... But now you can still live happily and still be on diet !! A trick to eat your favorite rasmalai , gulab jamun or a chocolate sunday is to eat it as the first thing in the morning .. Our bodies sugar levels are low at this time of day so, our body will convert all the fat and sugar into energy and there is a slightest chance that we will gain weight from those calories .. but again the condition is not overindulge and have it once a fortnight . Another trick is never have your dessert with your main meal but have it as a meal in itself or have it two hours after you had your proper meal . This way you will not overburden your digestive system and body will easily digest it . "Eat it post workout" another trick to eat your favorite dessert .

ON DIET MEANS EATING FRUITS, DRINKING JUICES AND JUST SMELLING THAT YOU CANT EAT :)  : Don't worry !! there is no need to have them all the day. Have them as in between meals and it's must that our main meals doesn't get replaced by them. You should have your well planned and balanced meals including right proportions of fat , proteins, carbs to help your body and digestive system work properly . Whatever nature provides you is healthy and meant to be eaten but in right form and right quantity ... Do you know carbs help your body burn fat , so have them and right amount of fat in diet works as an anti ageing cream on your face .


 SKIPPING MEAL BEFORE GOING TO PARTY : Most of us follow this trick when we have to go for a party or night out . We skip our lunch thinking that the calories consumed there in the party will get compensated by skipping calories from our lunch or breakfast. This is the worst thing ever thought or done !! Instead skipping the meal we should never go hungry to a party, eat a small home cooked meal before going out so that you feal full and not overindulge in the party .


BAKED PRODUCTS IN MARKET ARE A HEALTHIER OPTION : We all keep searching for baked items whenever doing grocery shopping !! dont we ? and feel so clever and happy when find these items in stock . But the truth is that they are just marketing gimmicks that we fall prey to . Instead of eating a full packet of baked biscuits or chips i would prefer a small portion of fried ones as i would be conscious enough that i am eating fried and wont overeat but in case of these baked products that are just lower by 20 to 30 calories per packet we eat them thinking that they will never make us fat . But the truth is that these non fried or baked products use trans fat to provide these products right texture and taste and we binge upon them everyday thinking them as non fattening . 

           So , in the end i will say "THINK WISE AND EAT RIGHT " , " DON'T STARVE " and let me share my favorite quote with you " IF ONE SINGLE HEALTHY MEAL CANT MAKE US SLIM THEN EATING FRIED FOR ONCE WONT MAKE US FAT EITHER " ....
 So, welcome 2014 with happy , wise and healthy eating !! would love to hear from you regarding the post in the comments section below and would love to know any fitness tips that you follow in your everyday life ... till then goodbye .. take care :)


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