Thursday, 26 December 2013

New fashion post on the blog with new ideas on my mind .....:)

              Christmas is all gone but still there is a lot to look ahead guys !!  As new year is approaching new dreams , new resolutions , new challenges and a lot of other new things are on everybody"s mind ... what are your new year dreams and resolutions .. mine are to stay happy and positive undoubtedly healthy too and to work harder to achieve my goals coming year ...and of course travelling is on my mind too !! its been a year since i had been on a vacation ( all credits to mr.husband :( ) but this year i am not gonna spare him at any cost lol...
             Ideas keep flowing to my mind and this new idea is what i am really looking forward to . What about sharing stories of wonderful women who had done amazingly good in their life despite of the hurdles they had to face ..wont it be inspirational enough girls ??  :)
             So , from my next fashion post onward i would come with a brief motivational story each time ... till then stay tuned and keep rocking ...:)


Blazer : ELLE
Top : Kazo
Skirt :
Heels : Carlton london 
Bag : Toniq
Neckpiece : Westside 
Would love to hear from you in the comments section below :)