Sunday, 9 February 2014

My first shopping haul on the blog !!

Hiya everyone !!

                       How are you all doing ? Sunday is almost over and my daily tasks too have  finally come to an end after serving dinner to the family . Now i am all free to spend some " ME TIME " as husband is busy watching Tv with  family and these days" Me Time" could be easily spelled as  "Blogging Time" . I think I had rarely written any post on the blog on Sundays as Sundays are much more busier for me than the week days . Everybody is at home on Sunday and living in a joint family and caring for the needs for each and every single person is a task in itself . But after all its life and its not easy anyways whether you are a working women or having all the pleasure being at home on your husbands income .

        Generally we spend our Sundays being at home and decide a day from the working days itself for some outing as me and husband both hate crowded malls and long queues at the cinema ticket windows on Sundays. A day off for us means a day calmly spent watching movies , eating out , doing some shopping and spending the whole day out with each other . So this time we chose Saturday for the day out as we both wanted to watch the new release " Hansi to Phansi ". Movie was no doubt awesome !!A must watch for sure :) Parineeti is looking damn cute in it and chemistry between both Sid and Pari is worth watching .

     After the movie i did some shopping .This time i was searching for some nice clothes for myself but could not find anything worth buying and this shows that i have somehow managed my temptation for impulsive shopping which was one of my resolutions for 2014 :p . I could not find much in the sales stuff  for myself but ended up buying some good accessories . So have a look at it guys !!


              These two sling bags i picked up from VanHuesen and the offer was buy one get one free :)

Was in search for this bracelet and got it from a random accessory shop in the mall and the tribal neck piece is from Kazo .


                       And some beauty stuff from THE BODY SHOP .

             So this was all i bought yesterday and hope i would get some good clothes for myself next time i go shopping :) . Would be reviewing these products from The Body Shop :) next on the blog :) So keep visiting it ;) ... till then good night and keep smiling girls , it makes you glow and look prettier without any need of cosmetic  ;)