Saturday, 15 February 2014


Hello everyone !!
                          Today i am going to review Camomile gentle eye makeup remover from The Body Shop . I recently bought it as i was searching for a good brand makeup remover for my face .

                         Generally i use my all time favorite Johnson baby oil for removing my makeup . It works brilliantly on skin and removes your toughest makeup with such an ease , But my sister cum fellow blogger Raman messaged me two days back that we should not use it as she read somewhere that mineral oil is not good for skin and Johnson baby oil  largely consists of mineral oil . Use of mineral oil on skin is still controversial so i decided better not to use it and purchased Camomile gentle eye makeup remover from from The Body Shop . You must be wondering that i was in search of a  face makeup remover then why i purchased this Camomile gentle eye makeup remover . When i asked the salesgirl in their store she suggested me this makeup remover from TBS can be can used  for removing eye makeup as well as face makeup both as per your requirement . So , going by her words and trusting the brand name i decided to go for it . Now lets check out is it worth both ways or not in detail below :)
PRICE AND PACKAGING : I bought this Camomile gentle eye makeup remover for rs.695 and the quantity you get at this price is 250 ml . It comes in a white round plastic bottle and you can open it two ways . Either you can twist it open or you can just flip up its lid and get the needed solution from the already given hole in its bottle cap . Would say its not a travel friendly pack as it weighs quite heavy and would take much space in the travel vanity . Shelf life is 30 months from the date of manufacture .


WHAT IT CLAIMS : It confirms to remove makeup from your eye lids and lashes without much effort and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers . Dermatologically and Opthamologically tested .

MY TAKE ON THE PRODUCT : Let us check out first that how it works for removing eye makeup   that is what it is actually meant for .It is a non oily water based eye makeup remover that is not sticky at all . After using it i would say it does not easily removes makeup from your eyes and you need at least four to five rounds of cleaning up and still you will find that traces of your eye makeup are still there on your eyes . I had to use my olive oil after using this cleanser to completely remove makeup from my eyes   As claimed by the brand that it is ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lenses user i don"t agree with it at all . It really tingles in the eyes and makes you uncomfortable to open them even if a little bit of it enters your eyes . I did not liked it's strange smell as well .

Now coming to its use to remove makeup from other parts of the face i am not sure that it would not harm your skin . I used it on my skin but it did not remove any makeup and again i had to use my olive oil formula to remove it and i was hardly wearing any tough makeup . All it was just a bb cream and some powdered compact on my face . So, i don't feel it would be ideal for removing makeup from your face .

If you are searching for a cleanser to remove waterproof eye makeup from your lids i wont suggest you to buy it . Its more of an everyday eye makeup remover though .Overall i would say i was a bit disappointed by my purchase from The Body Shop this time .

  • Good price for 250ml pack
  • Dermatoligically tested 
  • Opthalmologically tested (branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders)
  • Non oily
  • Non sticky
  • Not tested on animals

  • Tingles in your eyes
  • Need to rub hard to get makeup removed properly 
  • Strange smell
  • Not ideal for removing face makeup 
  • Not travel friendly 
WOULD I REPURCHASE : No !! but would sure love trying other products from this brand .

RATING : 2.5 / 5