Tuesday, 18 February 2014


 Hello Folks !!

                  Today on the blog i am  gonna review mine another favorite product from Forest Essentials known for its ayurvedic and chemical free products . I am very much in love with this Cold pressed organic virgin almond oil  . This is a product that has many uses or is solution to many skin problems i would say !! I  have been using it since last month and  totally loving the way it has helped me improve my skin texture  . Oils for skin are still very under rated in the Indian beauty market although our ancient beauty bibles are full of their uses and benefits but still we don't even consider to use them on our face . We have  limited their use just for body massages or hair massage.


People often ask will not using oil on skin make it look more like a fry pan ? :) but my answer is NO !!  I have oily  and sensitive skin and still i am using oil on my skin as moisturizer , makeup remover and for everyday facial massage and it acts as an anti ageing also very well .  I am feeling my skin getting smoother and silkier everyday . And Yes !! it is not at all looking like a fry pan ;)

Using oil on skin is very much beneficial but before using it we must check out that it should be cold pressed (pressed with hand ) , extra virgin and free from any unnatural fragrances or artificial perfumes . In this post i would be just reviewing Forest Essentials cold pressed virgin almond oil and in my next post i would discuss how i use it on my skin in detail . So , now lets check out the product review below :)

PRICE AND PACKAGING : Cold pressed virgin almond oil from Forest Essentials costs rs.1175 for a 200 ml pack  and expiry period is 2 years from the date of manufacturing and 6 months once you open it .

It comes in a beautiful rectangular shaped plastic bottle with a golden colored metal cap at its top . You need to twist open the cap and there's an already given hole underneath that would help you to take out the desired amount of the product . I found the packaging quite fuss free and hygienic .
WHAT IT CLAIMS : It claims to tone , relax and nourish your skin and muscle tissue if massaged on it .  Flushes toxins from body and give luster to the skin . It is enriched with Vitamin A , B1 , B2 , B6 and Vitamin E.  It consists of essential fatty acids and nourishes skin to give it fine and smooth texture . It easily gets absorbed into the skin and is non greasy .
MY TAKE ON THE PRODUCT : I am so in love with this product that my skin care regimen is just incomplete without it . I use it daily both in my morning and night skin care routine . I bought it because i needed something chemical free for my skin . I prefer to stay away from chemicals as much possible and i think everybody should because i believe if they treat one problem another one arises due to their side effect. They come with chemicals and side effects both :) .

 This light yellow colored  cold pressed virgin almond oil from Forest Essentials smells of real almonds and i just massage it into my skin everyday and use few drops of it daily as a face moisturizer . It is non sticky and free of any artificial fragrance and gets absorbed into your skin very quickly .  Its so light on your skin that you wont feel like you have applied anything on it . This cold pressed almond oil from Forest essentials  moisturizes skin very well and has really helped me in fading my pimple spots on my skin .  I have used it daily this winter season and never felt my skin dry . Its non comedogenic( does not clog pores and does not allow pimples to surface on your skin ) and does not attracts dust to your skin  . It must be sounding like an advertisement for this product but yes its true that its such a brilliant skin care product that is ideal for every skin type .

 I recommended this to my cousin recently who has really dry and dull skin texture and now her skin has improved a lot .


  • Cold pressed 
  • Scentless
  • Chemical free
  • Non sticky 
  • Smooths skin texture 
  • Ideal for every skin type 
  • Contains essential fatty acids 
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic 
  • Fuss free packaging



RATING : 5/5