Saturday, 21 December 2013

Tired of acnes and zits or dull complexion !!! now say no to them ...:)

      These days lots of mine friends ask me how to get a glowing and clear skin which is zits and acne free !! so, i thought why not write a post on it that can help you get that blissful skin . Clear and glowing skin is every girl's dream!! is it not ? yes it is !! so lets discuss top ten tricks that you can include in your daily routine to avoid breakouts and a dull complexion ..

  • Aloe vera : Who has not heard of aloe vera !! ... and i would say it is baba ramdev ,skin care and cosmetic brands who made it so popular , otherwise we did not even knew that this green colored plant in our garden has so many magical properties.So, i would suggest you that why to invest in those high brand cosmetic products who promise you beautiful skin via aloe vera when you can use it straight from your garden or plant pot !! and that too fresh !! ... Just cut one stem of the plant and slit it open with knife , now rub its pulp all over your face , especially your problem areas such as fine lines, acne scars .. after leaving it on face for twenty minutes wash your face with cold water and you will notice results within fifteen days ...but do apply it regularly .
  • Magic of hot and cold water splashes : How you wash your face in winters ? with warm water? If yes ? please stop doing this as warm water can make your skin saggy and make it loose its firmness . Do wash your face with warm water first but after that splash cold water on your face as this will increase blood circulation in your face and give you that glowing complexion . and dont rub your face with towel afterward instead tap your face with your hands to further increase blood circulation .It will give you that pinkish glowing complexion for sure..
  • Ice therapy : What do we use ice for ? To soothe ourselves in summers but do you know that ice can soothe your skin too . Just rub ice everyday on your face for at-least five minutes and you will get that smooth and youthful skin for years . hollywood's top celebrities use ice therapy to ward off their age off their faces ... a cost free formula again . You can also use green tea infused ice cubes for increased benefits...
  • Haldi doodh (turmeric milk) : When do we usually drink it ? Especially we indians !!Whenever we want any wound to get quickly healed or any bone fractures or small wounds !! How do you feel about your acne on your skin ? just the same , ugly and painful like other wounds on our body !!... So why don't we drink it to cure our depressing wounds on our face . so many antiseptic creams claim turmeric in their beauty products . instead of applying it outside drink it with milk , so that it can cleanse your blood and whole internal system , the major cause for acne.
  • Over cleansing : Over cleansing your face with harsh soaps can over-dry your skin and further cause acne ... Wash your face daily not more than twice with mild soap free cleanser. And  not washing or cleansing your face regularly also clogs your pores and the enviornmental dust and bacteria cause breakouts ... twice daily means once in the morning and once while going to bed and  any other time of day when you need or feel to wash it just wash it with plain water and dry it using  paper tissues ( paper tissues is what i prefer for daily use instead of  hand towels as they get dirty easily without us knowing and further aggravating the skin problem )
  • Sunscreen : We all think that its just necessary when we go out in sun and not when we are indoor, a rainy day when sun is not visible or on a cloudy day !! But sunscreen is to be used for protection against sun rays and not sun alone .. whether you can see or not but sun is always their and so are its rays .So make it a daily regime to use sunscreen everyday from 9 am in the morning to 6pm in the evening to protect your skin from its harmful rays even if you are indoor.
  • Selecting chemical free products : Just dont get influenced by the fancy advertisements on tv to select your skin care products ." Dimaag ki batti ghumao , apni akal lagao ".. we generally just read the basic things like mfg. date , expiry period , its uses and price on the product but do we care to read a long list of chemical ingredients it contain . Just read them before purchasing any cosmetic or skin care product and try to buy only chemical free products .. and if its hard to understand the tough scientific jargon on the list!! what is ourgoogle for?? :) .. search about it on google and know which chemical formula is harmful on your skin .
  • Water : Keep your skin and body hydrated for that dewy complexion . Plain water do wonders for your skin , flushes out all the toxins from your skin and makes it clear . reduce your caffiene intake drink lassi , lime water instead which provides you vitamin c , a must for healthy skin.
  • Daily workout : Daily workouts balances our hormonal problems and when you sweat its all the toxins that are leaving your body . Exercise helps oxygen to reach every part of our body and face too making it clear and refreshed . 
  • Say no to junk food : What we eat is what we see on our skin.. A healthy diet consisting of fruits vegetables and appropriate proportions of carbs , protiens and fat leads to a healthy and glowing skin ...IF you eat junk don't expect your skin and body reward you with a problem free skin or body..
And at last my personal tip, one more secret to healthy skin is" meditation "... Are you not allured by the glow and charm on the face of a saint ..Nothing more to say :)....
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